The Bicycle Project along Colter across the Center of Phoenix is only getting ready for planning...see the attached pdf for that design/construction schedule. Public comment will be during the early design process. 


The Phoenix City Streets department is asking for your feedback for a possible Colter Street lane restriction at Central Avenue.  (see below)

Please review the possible lane restriction proposal and send your feedback to  with comments by March 8, 2023.

This traffic restriction could be installed by  JUNE 2023 with neighborhood support. 

The MEDLOCK Neighborhood has been requesting the City help us mitigate the traffic being generated by the many new businesses on our borders since 2011 when the first traffic studies were done and high volumes were shown along Colter and 3rd Ave. (North and South).  Our first calming project for volume was "no turn" signs along 7th Ave. and a temporary round-a-about at Colter and 3rd which which was removed later.   Some blocks requested speed bumps to approved and installed to help slow vehicles. 

The new 3rd Avenue project  was to calm traffic along the Sonoran Bike Route and was partially designed and reviewed but never funded,  That was about 2019. 

With more than 17 restaurants on our Eastern border, three on Camelback and one on 7th Ave. and Missouri, our neighborhood gets flooded during meal hours from the 12 entrances and exits to our neighborhood streets.

Please take the time to review and comment.  ‚ÄčA neighborhood meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 6:30.
at the Church at Central/Missouri.

Medlock Place Neighborhood Board.

fill out survey...  dec. 29 DEADLINE

Colter Street: 15th Avenue to 20th Street   
Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements   

 The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department reminds you that your input is important to help shape the outcome of the Colter Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements project from 15th Avenue to 20th Street. The survey closes on Friday, December 29, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.
We kindly ask that you please take a few minutes to complete the survey and provide us comments on the proposed design that was presented during our December 5th virtual public meeting.
Please take a few minutes to watch our virtual meeting recording and share your input through the online survey.