DUTCH BROS ON Camelback/Central

(April 22, 2019 

The Special Use permits that had allowed DB to operate on Central and Camelback have been revoked by the City due to traffic and parking issues for local businesses.

News stories have said that DB is now considering moving their drive-through business to two lots 100 feet

East of Third Avenue and will be twice the size of the old business with 36 cars in a queue to buy coffee.  

This business would be located within the neighborhood mandated Transit Oriented Design District. (see guidelines on the TOD pages).

This business may need 8 variances to the zoning codes to operate at this site.

This decision will be made by the Board of Adjustment and Zoning staff of the City. 

After April meetings with Councilwoman Laura Pastor,  City Planning and City Traffic staff, it was determined that a traffic study must be done prior to scheduling a public hearing with the Zoning Administrator to evaluate the impact of cars entering and exiting and moving through the historic neighborhood to get back to Central.

The Traffic Committee has been working for a couple years on how to reduce traffic within our neighborhood.

Please read Rick Mountjoy's report on the Traffic page. 

   Cornerstone at Camelback, LLC purchased the CITY'S LIGHTRAIL bus property on November 8, 2016 with a caveat that all the interim improvements to the property must be completed in (12 months.)  The deed was not transferred until May 2017 so the deadline is now May 2018.    The land was purchased for $780,000 with $280,000 given to Cornerstone to facilitate improvements  and that money is in escrow.

The park was mostly completed in 2019. 

​​​CORNERSTONE at CAMELBACK, LLC asked the Zoning administrator for an extension on variances for a proposed project on the property at the SW corner of Central and Camelback.  Zoning hearing was on

                  June 8, 2017​

A one year plan was made to open the park at the SW corner lot that was fenced.  June, 2018.

   Park opened in early 2019.

     As of April 2019

    The fence is now down, however the billboard is still                on the property



Learn about your neighborhood and the plans by the City for Central Uptown Phoenix..  Future zoning, Transit Oriented Development..  Plans... go to  http://www.reinventphx.org/uptown.html

​​Learn the history of the proposed plans for the corner of Central and Camelback​​​ here:​​

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