Vintage Partners and Lorenzo Perez of "Newton" fame have purchased the two big office buildings just west of the Newton on Camelback.  They are bringing us a couple of amazing boutique businesses.  Now neighbors have a place for their family to stay close when visiting!

He also purchased a stunning art triptic that was donated to our neighborhood by a benefactor and we resold it to Lorenzo for his new lounge at the top of 444 West Camelback.  THANKS go to them for helping the neighborhood's treasury!

Also Sarah and Jennifer's "Medlock Kids Club" group always has room for more families with kids to join.  

Reid Butler brought maps and information about the park design that includes walking and parking corridors being opened up on the SW corner of Central and Camelback. Zoning administrator says this project has to be completed by June, 2018 and a project on the site in 4 more years.  Project is past deadline now. 

We need everyone to be extremely diligent on graffiti in the neighborhood.  Be sure to take it off anything on your property or call Ellen to find a way to get it removed.  This is language about crime and it has to be taken off immediately. 


Greetings Medlock Neighbors!!
     Please come and learn about the neighborhood issues, meet your neighbors, make new friends and keep up on historic preservation issues.  Our OCT. meeting will also be about bringing on new board members, so we want volunteers to join the board.  Please email former President Barry Wong if you have any questions about any position you are interested in for 2019.    Barry@BarryWong.com 

BOARD MEMBERS FOR 2018-2019 (We need Board members!)
Ellen Bilbrey, President;  Bruce Bilbrey, Vice President; Treasurer;  Lisa Brown;     Pam Woods
          GUESTS:  Lisa Hubbard, Neighborhood Services
NETWORKING  -  6 - 6:30 p.m.
President  - 6:30 - Welcome Neighbors – Ellen Bilbrey
Treasurer -  Doug Harter
       Annual Dues/Association - $25 (voluntary) Credit card payment available.
Secretary  -  Motion to approve the May meeting minutes.          
• Maricopa Manor Rezoning – Scott and Joan Eveland
* Zoning - Bruce Bilbrey, Vice President - Zoning Issues
         SW corner  Cent/Camelback, 502 Hotel,  Maricopa Manor rezoning.
• Traffic Study – Rick Mountjoy - Update
• Historic Preservation – Ellen - Homes under renovation
* Medlock Kids Club - Sarah Vallarino & Jennifer Burgraff
• Blockwatch – Trini Jackson, Ellen Bilbrey
*Street Reps – Lisa Brown (Pasadena); Trini Jackson (Colter), _________________________ (Georgia); Michelle Meyer,  (Oregon); Linda Longmire (Medlock), (Vermont) ?
• Fundraising – September 2019  -  Garage Sale - $80

(Thanks to Karen Thorn who we will miss!!)
• Communications – Ellen Bilbrey, Trini Jackson
• Special Events –   Pam Woods
• Neighborhood Beautification 

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